(about Thursday)

The students put their computers down and gather around in a circle. They are interspersed among teachers.

One of the mentors speaks up. “We’re going to talk today about responsibility. What kinds of responsibilities do you students have with this laptop?”

The students put their hands up. To take care of them, to not give them to babies, to not break them. The usual.

“And what kinds of things can we do with the computers?”

Play games, play with Etoys, go on the internet.

“And what kinds of things do we do on the internet?”

Do research, watch movies.

“What kinds of movies do we watch?”

Various mentions, then PORN!

The mentors smile. Subject achieved.

“Who watches porn?”

One brave student raises his hand.

“What do you watch when you watch porn?”

The boy, and other students, start to laugh. They are uncomfortable; they don’t really know how to put into words the things they see.

“It’s difficult for you to talk about, isn’t it? Why? Isn’t this something you would talk about in school?”

“NO!” The students shout.

“Is it something you would let your parents see you do?”

“NO!” The students shout again.

“So do you think it’s something you should do in school?”

“NO!” For the third time.

“What should we do if we see kids watching porn in school?”

A rule is made. Students won’t be able to take their computer home for a week if they’re caught watching porn. If they break the rule three times, they lose their privilege to take the computer home for the entire school year.

It’s amazing to watch the Matènwa teachers in action. They know exactly how to introduce a new rule to students. They had the students basically agree on the fact that the rule should be made and also agree together on what the rule should be. I am so confident that there won’t be anymore students watching porn. I am also confident that we have some extremely strong teachers here at Matènwa, and once they understand the lesson material a little bit better, I know that they will teach it beautifully.

Anes was the one who taught class today. And after having looked over the Lesson Six video after our mentor meeting last night, what a smooth class it was! The mentors walked around and helped the students, most of the students understood class…it was beautiful. It’s funny to watch the different pilots unfold as they all have different strengths and weaknesses. Here, the strength is the teachers. They are excellent, and once we get them hooked, Matènwa will be a very strong program.

Trying to figure out how to handle the next six weeks, since there are five more mentors waiting to be trained. Those mentors are coming from different schools, which is awesome (allows us to try to branch the program out) but also a bit more of a challenge. Should we spend two weeks training those mentors and then let them do four more weeks of program? What do we do with the Matènwa kids? Do they continue? Do we have any learning material for them to use if they do? Will keep all posted on how it goes. In the meantime, we’re buying snack for the next two weeks so that they can start and finish the math lessons without grumbling in their tummies.

That’s news for now. Venese is going to braid my hair again. Very excited about that. Things are moving very quickly- planning a repair class for Saturday and an extra class with the students so that we can get some extra things done because we have to leave Matènwa on Sunday at 3am to catch the ferry to Port-au-Prince! Then back home on Monday, so sad!!!!

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