(about Monday)

Today was certainly a successful day.

Since we were cutting short our Williamson visit in order to get to a meeting with Dale and Michel of MIT/OLPC in Petionville, today was our last day of class and it was a little heartbreaking because, not only did I not want to leave the most adorable kids in the world, but I also just didn’t feel like we had enough time to teach anything of substance.

But Bill had a great idea, and that was to divide the class between students that had taken the XO training last year and students that hadn’t. Bill took the former students and gave them a USB drive and taught them how to take things off of it. He showed them the videos that Benaja made in Creole in case any students felt like learning on their own. I took the younger kids with me and we went through Ebooks and read them out loud together. The kids had a little bit of trouble with the technicalities of the Ebooks (clicking and dragging the slider to scroll the page downward, for example) but for the most part it went really well.

I think today was one of our best class days with the Williamson kids and I owe it all to Bill, who is always a very fast and very creative thinker.

Anyway, like I said, leaving wasn’t easy. I gave my sunglasses to one of the older kids that looks great in them. I know he deserves them more than I do. I gave three tshirts of mine to three other kids. I had a whole package of bubbles and nail polishes that I gave away as well. I just wanted to give these kids everything- to give them everything in the world. Finally we had to go. They asked if I would be back. I sure hope I do return someday soon.

As I had mentioned, we met up with Michel, Dale and their students, as well as Barry, an MIT/OLPC genius, at the La Plaza hotel downtown for a good chat about how things were going. They had tons of questions and we did everything we could to answer them. It was funny because they asked a lot of questions about the continuation of the program, the cost, the feasibility on a large scale. I think they thought they were asking these questions that we had never considered before and I wanted more than anything to be like, “don’t you fret your pretty little head!! These are all things I worry about on a daily basis. We’re definitely all in the same boat!” I worry regularly about if we will be able to continue the program, and how, and if there are better ways to do it if it becomes a country-wide program. Dale seems very interested in working together in cooperation. I think that is the best thing. Waveplace right now has a lot of experience under its belt that OLPC can benefit from directly. Just like apparently some MIT students discovered that putting Scotch tape over the trackpad can resolve jumpy trackpad problems. If only we had known…if only we worked together!

Heading to Darbonne tomorrow to show us our pilot. Hoping that things go well and that they are pleased. They should be; our mentors there are amazing and we are so very proud of them.

Another good day.

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