(from Sunday)

My body is burning.

It may be from the boat ride in Antoine and Emmanuel’s motorboat, followed by a solid two or three hour lay in the midday Haitian sun.

What can I say, I’m 24 years old. I’m not supposed to be reasonable yet.

Highlights include more saltwater in our faces than we had really bargained for, the stereo that Antoine broke out once we hit land, watching Michena dance with two sticks as if she were playing the drums, and, of course, the sand toilet that we all made (complete with water in the bowl and a handle to flush) for Benaja, who will be going back to La Gonave in a few days, the “land of no toilets.”

After returning, I was very, very burnt (and still am). Everyone got a kick out of how much my skin changed- and the difference in color if I give them a sample of what my “normal” skin looks like. We then all sat down for a three-hour repair class, which ended up going much better than the one in Darbonne because we were able to use Manilow’s projector, making it much easier to write out the commands that people need to put into Terminal to fix various things like: recalibrating the speakers, backing up information, adding programs, etc. Everyone seemed very appreciative and we even were able to fix the speakers on Pepe and Olsen’s computers, so it was fun to see the repairs in action!

Not much else to report today. Or perhaps I am just too burnt (and burnt out) to think. Benaja tried to teach me the “right” way to eat a mango today. It didn’t work out too well. But it was still delicious. He’s also almost done translating our math section. Thanks so much to Randy for some great lessons!

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