(from last Monday)

Happy Easter!

No news to report today. We all sat around and relaxed while the computers were safely locked away in some place in Port-au-Prince that we couldn’t access during the holidays.

I spent much of my time checking in with family, blogging on the travel magazine that I started up, Go Girl (www.travelgogirl.com, to put in a plug) and, of course, playing with John Engle’s two adorable kids, Daniel and Layla. In the morning, I whipped out my bubbles and nail polish and opened up my playground/salon. Couldn’t have gone better.

Also opened up the book, Mountains Beyond Mountains, that Tim lent me. So far I’m loving it…though it’s not easy finding downtime where you can actually pick a book up (if it’s not blogging, it’s something else that you need to get done- or just practicing my Creole!)

For dinner, John’s wife, Merline, made us the most delicious pumpkin soup. We talked with a couple other volunteers who were down from California- Lisa, and her daughter, Caitlin. In the background there was the famous Ra Ra music, or a small band of maybe three musicians that run around playing this crazy music for money. They try to dance with you and they follow you around until you pay them. Merline doesn’t like them- she says they only play because they’re afraid that if they don’t, the evil spirits will eat them. But I know they must be at least somewhat successful or would they even try?

That’s the report for yesterday. Now today is going to be a wild ride reflashing all of our laptops! Wish us luck!!

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