At noon yesterday we got the news . . . the 200 laptops haven’t gotten through customs, which means we won’t have them for Matènwa. Good thing about backup plans. I called Beth and Bill to tell them “pack your ten laptops.”

One potential snafu that had us worried for a bit came from something Chris said a few days ago. She flew Spirit Air and they told her she could only have one checked back because of “the economic embargo”. A call to American put us at ease. My mom’s old airline lets you take two.

Before that I scrambled through the rest of the courseware, finishing all the text and sending it to Creoletrans. You can look at the new screencasts we’ll be using. Creole will come later.

Yesterday afternoon ended with shopping and packing . . . mini-dv tapes, power strips, an iPod speaker (still need AAA batteries!), and an extension cord. Then came the impossible task of balancing my clothes, supplies, laptops, power strips, and more, between two suitcases that weigh in under 50 pounds.

At 8pm, I finally finished and so Paula, Isabel, and I started the drive to Newark Airport, where we stayed at the Marriot for the night. The girls will continue back to Boston.

Anyway, my first flight was uneventful, other than waking up at 2:30am and sleepwalking through Newark. I finished uploading the videos just as we took off (even sneaking the last 20% of lesson ten after they said “shut ’em down.” Met a man going to Columbia who was very interested in Etoys and Waveplace. Now I’m sitting in Miami airport, waiting for my flight to Port-Au-Prince. I’ll be meeting Beth soon.

Here we go.

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