Yesterday I woke at 4am and worked till 10pm, more than making up for my lackluster Monday. Aside from a trip to LL Bean to get supplies, including a compact water purification pump, I tended to a variety of other concerns I’ve been neglecting in the eclipse of all things Haiti. With now four days of work left before the plane, I’m confident again, but still stressed.

Yesterday’s big task was courseware. I finished all ten “Basic Etoys” screencasts (video tutorials) and finished outlining through lesson 3. Making screencasts is an art in itself, which has everything to do with pacing and focus. The quickest way to get the screencasts done is to simply show and tell for ten minutes without any mistakes or need for edits. Then the screencast takes ten minutes! Being able to do that requires a clear mind and a cheerful disposition, otherwise you sound cluttered and grumpy. Anyone who’s made their own voice mail greeting knows how many attempts are sometimes necessary for a two minute recording … try 90 minutes with visuals … a whole ‘nother thing.

Anyway, I did remarkably well yesterday, with only minor edits necessary for the eight screencasts I finished. Two of the lessons required several takes, mostly because I was changing the order, pacing, and content of the lessons to make things fit. It’s a wonderful thing to limit yourself to ten minutes, because it helps focus the content to the essentials.

I sent the lesson 2 & 3 outlines to creoletrans and am anxiously waiting for them to respond to let me know if they can handle another 5000 words by Saturday morning. Yes, I should have sent this stuff last Friday. What can I say, I’m doing my best.

Today’s task is the corresponding Etoys projects that go with each lesson. These each have eight pages in a book, so it should be fairly quick. A happy, happy result would be all ten projects, the remaining 7 outlines, and all the handouts by this time tomorrow. It’s certainly possible, though I do have other things to do, such as the new Squeakfest website for this summer.

Again, this all depends upon state of mind. I need to remain focused, cheerful, and motivated. No problem!

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