Yesterday, almost on cue, came the doubts. As regular as clockwork on any big project, there comes a day just before the end where I become convinced that I just cannot finish.

Forward momentum carries me only so far. After weeks of unsustainable rhythm, there comes a time when motivation fails and fear creeps in around my resolve. Paula knows the look; she’s been there many times herself with her concerts. “Not enough time to finish?” she asked. “There’s enough time,” I replied, “just not enough . . . nerve.”

Yesterday was tough. Struggling to do simple things. I went to sleep daunted, feeling that uncomfortable trapped feeling, uncertain of everything. “Know when to give up trying and go to sleep.”

This morning I’m much better … ready to tackle the rest of it. Ready to redouble my efforts. The trick is to simply give up and then do what you can. In the end, it’s just a mind game. Dispel your expectations and finish.

Okay, here we go. FIVE DAYS.

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