Yesterday my body decided I needed to catch up on rest. Fully intending to work on courseware, I instead slept two-thirds of the day and walked through the rest in a brainless daze. “Take a break, or the break takes you.”

The problem with barreling forth without regard to emotion is that you gotta pay the bill sometime. The neglected emotions rear themselves the moment you stop moving, like a leg that fell asleep then later woke up in pain.

With ample sleep overnight, I drive to Starbucks this morning to get some blogging in. Taking my first sip, I plug my wifi stick in and ring, ping … details are needed … the week starts right away. “Will the kids keep the laptops in St John or will the school, can you send me details”, “do we need to use CVS to make squeakland website updates”, “how can we convert the Haitian translations on Wednesday to PO files to distribute to the 200 laptops”.

This is where the exhaustion comes from . . . so many unresolved pieces all in play, a giant scrambled puzzle coming into focus, with me in the middle making or relaying decisions. OmniFocus, JIRA, and my 350-full inbox stare back at me with the many things I’m not doing, delaying, ignoring, and so I prioritize ruthlessly . . . what do I need before I get on a plane.

Everyone sees only their piece, and so says, “Why is this not done.” No point in explaining, just bump their task up a notch . . . the squeaky wheel gets the oil. This is pretty much my life, and it’s where my stress comes from. I rarely worry about money or what people think of me. It’s the broken promises that weigh on me … keeping my word in a whirlwind.

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