Five hour drive home yesterday through a lovely Nor’easter. Paula had to drive through sheets of rain and wind, while her scared-to-drive husband stared out the window and communed with the elements. I did manage to get about an hour worth of work done, mostly figuring out how to make WordPress templates so I can switch from Movable Type for the Squeakland and Waveplace blogs.

“The world will turn if you’re ready or not.”

Now sitting on my little couch at home while the girls sleep upstairs. I’m always the first up, which gives me some quiet time. I’d say it’s good to be home, but I can’t really feel it, which worries me. Two months away and you’d think I’d be saying “yea!” like the girls last night. Paula went straight to her grand piano and Isabel went straight to her long forgotten toys. I moved in the luggage and went straight to our bed.

The diagnosis is clear: I need a vacation. I’ve been falling forward into this Haiti thing and haven’t rested. Burnout’s a bad thing a week before. What I should do is take the week off and get my head and heart straight. But there’s too much to do: lessons, logistics, last minute prep.

Nine months since my last time off. Another risk item . . . Tim’s head.

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