In two hours, I’ll be meeting with William Stelzer, our chief mentor, who flew up from the Virgin Islands last night, and Allison Bland, who just returned from Crisis Camp NYC, which was a very helpful event. The three of us will start two local pilots today, one at the Fayerweather Street School, which has an ongoing relationship with the Matenwa Community Learning Center in Haiti, and another at Graham & Parks with a class of mostly Kreyol speaking Haitian children.

We’ll meet with each pilot class once a weekday for the next two weeks, teaching them Squeak Etoys and storytelling. The kids will then have a one week vacation during which they can create Etoys storybooks to give to the kids down in Haiti.

Waveplace’s goal is to test and improve the third version of our courseware using real kids. We’ll then translate the courseware into Haitian Kreyol in preparation for our trip to Haiti next month.

We’ve talked and talked for two weeks. Over the weekend, we prepped the laptops. Now it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get to the good stuff.

I’ll be posting blog entries and video every day during February, so please spread the word and tune in from time to time.

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