Quite a day today. Seems like everything’s falling into place easily, which is wonderful given the complexity of the task before us.

In the morning, I saw that OLPC News had featured prominently, with the three videos and those awful stills of me right on the home page.

Then a productive talk with Chris Low, who co-directs the Matenwa School. We decided to have two concurrent pilots up here, over the next two weeks, on preparation for trips to Haiti a week or two later. The main goal is to get the new courseware tested and tweaked, then translated.

She brought me to the Fayerweather Street School to meet the head of school. What a great place! I just got a call from him. Their board and teachers have agreed to a pilot starting Monday!

Bill Stelzer’s flying up Sunday. It’ll be great to see him.

Hi everyone,

After talking non-stop with dozens of people and groups over the last two weeks, Waveplace has settled on a plan to help Haiti in the coming four months.

Tonight I’ve uploaded three videos describing this plan. Please forgive the roughness of my presentation (and my tired haggard look). This was simply the quickest way for me to put the details of the plan online for all to see. I will be transcribing the videos tomorrow for those that would rather read text.

Here are the videos:

The transcription will be here tomorrow: http://haiti.waveplace.com

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Hi all, Tim Falconer from Waveplace. Just a quick update to let everyone know that the schools and kids from our two Haitian pilots, and the upcoming one in Matanwa, are all alive and safe for now. The building in Petit-Riviere was spared, and luckily the Port-Au-Prince children were moved to the new facility in Williamson just prior to the earthquake.

Our chief mentor, Bill Stelzer, is in Port-Au-Prince now . . he’s helping with the schools and filming. He & Suzie have been on CNN twice in the last two days (http://haitichildren.org).

I’m now in Cambridge MA in talks with MIT and OLPC. A plan is forming, which we’ll be announcing soon. Many thanks for all the kind words from everyone!

Take care,