(by Christa Crehan, from newsletter)

What a privilege it has been to be involved in this Waveplace extravaganza! I just finished watching the Waveplace Awards video. What an amazing accomplishment for all of the children. Watching them combine computer programming and storytelling to create their final storybooks was the best gift from this experience. All children have something important to give and it is up to the adults around them to guide them and show them they can accomplish anything they want.

Maria (winner of Best Artwork) and Eric (winner of Best Scripting) began the program with trepidation. What they created is from their heart. We allowed each child to take his or her gift and focus on that gift to create a story all their own. Maria’s focus was her incredible eye for detail in her beautiful artwork, while Eric chose to focus on learning complicated programming skills. There is something for every child in Etoys no matter what their contribution to the world may be. We will help them find their voice.

On that note, I was showing the video from Nicaragua to a friend of mine who speaks Spanish and English. She turned to me and said, “Christa, you don’t understand how powerful this song is.” My friend began to translate as the video progressed, “… I hear you … I hear your voice in stories … I am the voice of the future … I am the voice that you call for freedom …”

What a powerful message the song sends children. No matter who they are or where they live, they may follow the voice in their heart. That is the voice of freedom.

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