16. German Luis Romeros Alvarez

There are six persons in my house. My mama and stepfather, me and two sister’s. one eight months old and the other fifteen years. We live in a southern sector.

I like to play, also to help my mom, study and similar things. I wash dishes and sweep the house. I also amuse the little one who has started to crawl.

My favorite sport is baseball and I like to watch TV., mostly channel 10. It has both cartoons and soap operas that I enjoy. I like the Simpson’s, especially Homer.

I’d like to be a policeman, yes to help the community. I want to chase criminals. I want to be big and strong. Some people might be scared about this but if you are fighting on the good side there is nothing to fear. I will study at the academy but first I will finish high school. I want to become a chief so I will have to behave well. My family supports my goal.

In the past I thought that computer programs for children were very important to learn so that they wouldn’t have to just mow the grass. Now I believe that I have learned enough to have the basis to not have to grow up and work planting plantains in the fields. I would prefer to work in an office. I have many conversations about this with my family. My mother gives me lots of advice so I won’t become a gangster in the future.

I want to always remember this project. Tomorrow I will know that this project helped make me a professional.

17. Jose Ivan Silva Gonzales

I live with my mother and four younger brothers. I am the oldest, fourteen now, and I help my mom by cleaning our house. My brothers are thirteen, twelve, eleven and five.

I like to play a lot. It’s very good. I play football, baseball, volley ball, everything often in the park near my house. It’s good to be outside.

I guess I would like to be an engineer. I would work in construction and build houses. I have done some work in Tola when my father took me there. Still I would like to live and work here in Buenos Aires.
I never thought about computers before. I think they are important and very good for learning. Right now I don’t think too much about the future. Life is to play and I just want to play right now.

I would like to remember that I had the chance to study here. Thank you.

18. Luis Alberto Duortes

There are five people in my household, my brother and sister, myself and my mama and papa. We live in the Omar Varela neighborhood. I usually walk to school with my brother. It takes us about a half and hour each way.

I like to study. I especially like it when my older sister dictates words to me. Any word at all. It is a spelling game we play together. I also like to read. My favorite book is The Tales of El Cadejo. I am not really interested in sports. I do like to play Trompo, it’s a game we play with tops. I watch TV mostly the cartoon channel. There is a good one about a cat and mice.

I want to be a member of the police when I grow up. I want to save people when there is fighting.

I didn’t think anything about computers before. I had only seen them. I like them now. I know that I can teach others about them. I like doing our work on them. It’s okay.

I want to remember what I did and saw here during this time. I want to remember the assignments.

19. Luis Alfredo Rivera Casanova

I live in sector seven of Buenos Aires. There are seven people in my house, my uncle, grandmother, mama and papa, my brother Ruben and my baby sister. I do many chores like cleaning, washing the dishes and mopping.

My favorite thing to do is to play. I am not allowed to just play in the street but I often go play at my friend Michael’s house or he comes to mine. We play football a lot over at the baseball field. I also like to play with my baby sister. She has just begun to walk.

I am going to be a policeman. I want to work to get rid of thieves. I listen to the news and there are many crimes. I want to help stop these. I plan to study and work hard.

I always thought that computers were pretty but I had never used them before. Now I think they are very useful to learn from. I also really like to spend time with you. Etoys is my favorite.

I want to remember my childhood, the computers and all of this time. I also want to remember all of you who came here to work and play with us.

20. Jose Ramon Maire

I am the middle child of five. I have two older brothers and two younger sisters. We live with my mother and father in El Cocal. My grandparents and many friends live nearby.

Of course I like to play. Almost everyday I play baseball at the field with my friends. I also like to watch television, mostly wrestling and soap operas. Around the house I usually help with sweeping.

I want to grow up to be an engineer. I want to be someone who commands and directs others, maybe in construction. I like electricity, plumbing and masonry also. I want to live here in this village. I will study hard.

I had never used computers before this. I love the games and etoys. The XO is very pretty and I have learned so much and have had lots of fun.

I always want to remember my mother and father because they are very good. My favorite times are when my father and I play baseball together.

21. Benito Antonio Galiano Sabullo

There are three people in my house, my mother Rosaio, my brother Jose. I walk to school everyday. At home I also go out to buy the wood for the kitchen and I also stack the wood for the cooking fires.

In my free time I like to play, draw pictures and play football. Mostly I like to make drawings of dogs, birds and houses. I am pretty good at this. I also watch a lot of television mostly channel 10. My favorite cartoon is the Simpsons. I don’t have a particular favorite character.

I want to become a teacher. That would be very good. I would like to grow up and teach here at this school. All of the teachers here in this program have helped me learn so much. I have also had fun here.

I had never seen a computer before so I never thought about them. Now I know there are many things that I can learn from them. I especially like drawing with them. It is fun to make my drawings move.

I want to remember all of you who came here and helped me learn how to use a computer. It’s great.

22. Lester Urbina Antonio

I live two blocks away from the school in a house with my aunt, uncle and two cousins. I have four brothers but they live in another pueblo in San Jorge. I am the oldest of them. Sometimes I go to visit them there.
I really like to help around the house. I do the sweeping. I like to see things are fresh and clean. I really enjoy washing the dishes. I guess that’s a bit unusual by it makes me happy. I also enjoy swimming. I love to go to the lake. I enjoyed last Saturday swimming and playing at the camp.

I am going to be a plantain cutter like others in my family and I always want to live in the same house. I love it there.

I thought that it would be good to learn computers and I have learned a lot here. I am grateful for the way you helped and taught me when things were hard.

I always want to remember when I learned how to read not too long ago. I am very happy about that.

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