Once again storms and intermittent inter-net access prevented me from posting.

This week Patrick introduced moving an object along a path. This was one of the most well received lessons so far even though it involved come complex scripting. The children saw great potential in this activity and its usefulness in enhancing their stories. After explaining the process by scripting a star to shoot across a wending path the children hurriedly booted up, opened their journals and began tackling this new activity. The room was abuzz with consultations. Small groups formed as children who ‘got it’ drew others around them to work out the scripts for themselves. While many of the children initially set out to replicate a star on a path as Patrick had done a few of our classroom mavericks had their own ideas in mind.

Aaron had a drawn a duck that he intended to meander across a curving river. Ruben created a race car to zip along a sharp cornered track. Julissa combined sibling butterflies fluttering from a previous lesson with one new on that flew gracefully arcing along the middle of her page. Others we not content with a simple star but embellished them: multiple different colored stars upon stars, stars with faces or circular tips on their rays. Lester amazed me with his careful attention and determination. While his star and path were quite simple they were also delicate. When he finally successfully had his star traveling it’s path he beamed calling for me to come see. His round face and dark eyes a twinkle as brightly as his creation.

Unfortunately Geovany’s 87 year-old grandmother has fallen ill and had to be transported to the hospital in Managua. Crestfallen and fraught with concern he has traveled there to be by her side. All of our hearts and support travel with him.

Roxanna presented lessons 27 and 28 on Thursday and Friday. I think that the awareness that the pilot is drawing to a close is palatable. The children are attentive and then engrossed in developing their stories. Dasyi and Julissa had hand written the complete text of their stories and also had made some preliminary hand drawn sketches of some characters that they wish to add to their pages. Daysi had created little fanciful insect like critters, and Julissa flower-headed stick figures. They both set to work translating these into more elaborate etoys sketches and inserting their text into their book pages.

We mentors were kept very busy responding to individual requests in helping the children work through the intention they had in mind for scripting their individual sketches. Others were immersed with elaborating their pages. Ruben for one has created forests and richly colored pages with backgrounds. Luis has a herd of cows grazing in a field. Katerine has created a pueblo for her characters to romp in.

End of class Friday was met with query after query about what time the bus would be arriving to bring them to camp tomorrow. One pm. Everyone knew this still the question needed reconfirmation again and again. As the children rode off on their bikes or started home on foot they waved and called back happily, “Hasta manna a la Campo!”

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