12. Katherine Massiel Siesar Narljaez

In my house there are six people in my family. one older brother, 2 older sisters, one younger and my grandparents. One of my aunts also lives with us. Our house is in the El Cacal sector of Buenos Aires.
I like to watch the soap opera “El Patito Feo” (The Ugly Duck). Some of my cousins live by me but not many friends so I play with them. We play many games, mostly house and tag. I help with the dishes, sweeping, and run errands. I like to cook and know how to. My favorite food is rice with chicken.

By myself I like to draw. I know how to make bracelets. I learned at Campo Alegria when I went there for a session. That was fun.

I have to think about what I want to be when I’m a grown up. Maybe a doctor. That way I could help the sick. I guess that I want a family. I would like to have four children and a husband. That is not too big or too little. We would probably live in Rivas.

In the past there was never a team who wanted to bring computers to us. I only found out about it the day before from the professor (Marcial). I didn’t even know how to turn it on or off. I am glad for all the things I have learnt, especially drawing. I know I can teach things to others and I would like to be better at programming.

I want to remember my childhood. All of it – the playing around. I think this class is excellent. Like I said, no one in the past was interested in teaching us. I am grateful.

13. Daysi Raquel Cubillo Caliz

I am eleven-years-old and I have four younger brothers and three smaller sisters. I am the eldest sibling. We live with my mother and father and my grandmother. We live far out in the country. There are no other families immediately around us so I play with my brothers and sisters.

I help my mother a lot. I clean my room and I like to cook. My favorite is arroz negro (black rice).

I would like to be a secretary. One of my neighbors is one and she has told me about it. Secretaries help other people. I need to study many subjects a lot. The computer will be a big help. I want to go live in Costa Rica because most of my family is there. I was there when I was little and it is beautiful.

I used to think computers would be very hard to learn about. This is the first time I have ever used one and I was surprised that it is not that hard. I like to draw and paint the most so far.

There is a teacher that I want to always remember. It is my fourth-grade teacher. She always makes sure that I understand things. When I don’t she will repeat until I do. She shows patience. Maybe I have learned some patience too.

14. Elmer Jose Harunes Garsia

I am nine-years-old and I live with my two sisters and older brother in Sector 7. We live with my grandparents and also my aunt and uncle and my cousin who is five. There are many people at my house. My mother lives in Costa Rica and I visited there when I was little.

I help around our house doing things for my grandmother. I take out the trash, do some dishes and make fires for cooking but I do not do any cooking myself. We also have two dogs at home and I help feed them. I’m also very good with a machete and so I help my grandfather cut the grass.

I often play “Libre” (free) with my friends. It is a game I enjoy that we play outside running around. I have many friends to play with.

When I grow up I want to be an engineer. I don’t know what that is really but I think it is someone who goes around to farms and checks on insects and what they are doing to the plants. They also help solve problems with insects and plants. Anyway, want to work on farms in that way. I like science and I want to do this work in Miami.

I always thought that one day I would learn to use a computer. I thought that by using them I would learn new things. Now I know that is true. I think the XO is pretty and important. I really like drawing with it.

I want to always remember that once I was playing with my dad and I got a broken ankle. This happened two years ago at my house. I had to be taken to the health center and then was hospitalized. It was pretty scary. I was in a cast for many weeks. Yeap, that’s it.

15. Marcos Aurello Garcia Juitos

I live in my house with six people, two women and two men. There is another girl who lives there with us but she doesn’t like to come to school. She comes whenever she feels like it and wants to. The house is in sector 7 of Buenos Aires.

Around my house I help out by cleaning the backyard, taking out the garbage and making my bed. These are mostly boy’s chores here in Nicaragua. When I have free time I take naps. At night I go to bed. I enjoy sleeping a lot. Years ago I would go out and play with my friends but not now. I like to sing all the time while I do my chores and then nap. Sometimes for a half hour or an hour at a time.

I would like to run my fathers farm when I grow up. Now, I help out there by carrying plantains. I don’t know what I will have to do to do this but I think it will just work out. I think I will work on the farm on the weekdays and do something else on the weekends. I don’t know what. I’ll wait and see.

I had never seen a computer in the past anyway. I thought they were pretty and good. Now I know they are very good because we can really learn how to draw from them and other things.

I wish to remember that we learned a lot about computers. I also want to remember how I bothered David.

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