Vacation and yet all the children showed up for class. It was fun to see them out of their uniforms. A bit more of their individual personalities revealed in their day-to-day attire. Many were all ready waiting and others trickled in on their bikes. The greeting now is “Goood Afternooon” the ooo’s stressed and drawn out.

We held the lesson outside once again under the mango tree. A breeze wafts through the courtyard every once in awhile making the atmosphere much more comfortable then the stifling classroom. Many parents were on hand today as a parent meeting was scheduled for 2pm and they were pleased to watch over the children’s shoulders as they worked and listened to the lesson. As I observed their faces were serious and they shook their heads from time to time wide eyed and startled by what their children were doing. The children enjoyed displaying their skills. Their parents were openly impressed.

Roxanna gave the lesson introducing the ‘obtrudes test’ to see if an object has moved off the page into the world and then using the x and y vectors to retrieve it. Random movement was also introduced giving the children more choices in how their sketches will behave on the page. Many of the children incorporate this lesson into a story page in their books.

It is not likely that the children will be able to take the XO’s home with them so we have emphasized working on finishing up their first books as the pilot is coming to an end. On Saturday we are planning to bus the children out to the camp again for a day of sharing, celebration and fun. Each child will have the opportunity to read their story to the group. The three best will present them at a web-cam conference later in October that all of the children will be invited to attend. This is very exciting for them.

They’ve also just discovered many puzzle programs on the XO that they find intriguing. Block puzzles that reinforce math concepts and picture puzzles that require sequencing skills and forethought. One child discovered one and soon everyone was exploring another. Children doubled up on chairs to work together.

In the evening back at camp, the two Peace Corps workers, Patrick and Shyra, Adam and myself sat down to discuss possibilities and suggestions for the future of the program, the location of the computers and inherent needs for the projects sustainability in various forms. These suggestions will be presented to the donors for review with Adam making his recommendations. We are all anxious to have an idea of how this next stage will unfold.

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