Schools throughout Nicaragua are on vacation this week in honor of both Nicaragua’s and Central America’s independence. The weekend was host to parades throughout the country. School marching bands, colorful floats depicting scenes from Nicaragua’s history and uniformed children abounded. Today Buenos Aires pueblo, not wishing to compete with the larger Rivas, held its’ celebration. The march began at eight am and continued past one thirty in the afternoon.

Needless to say it was misguided to hold class today. Still eight of the children showed up exhausted from parading but eager. Opting not to give a lesson the eight delighted on being able to just work on their stories and have fun. They pulled some desks outside into the shade of a mango tree and went at it. Roxanna, Patrick, Shyra, David and I were all available to help when asked. This ratio gave rise to a lot of personal attention. Stressing the importance of developing their stories they dove in. It gave us an opportunity to ascertain just were these eight were at in comprehension and development. It became obvious that animation, speaking figures and drawing are the touchstone interests.

The taxi arrived early to take me back to camp and the children let out gasps of disappointment. I am hoping to get permission to allow the children to take the XO’s home for the rest of the week. Assured that classes will go on as scheduled during the rest of vacation I think this would provide and excellent opportunity for solo exploration and extra time to flush out their stories. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the powers that be will agree.

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