What is a present? A gift?

Is it a bestowing of something valuable from one to another? Ideally a sharing or token of appreciation? What sorts of gifts live on? What is aid and what of this talk about sustainability?

Geovany, Roxanna and David expressed that they have been given the opportunity to be engaged in their world. They feel empowered to make an impact in a few children’s lives, at a small school, in a small pueblo, in their beautiful but impoverished country. They now carry something special and relevant in their hearts – hope.

They have been following the disaster laid bare by hurricanes in Cuba and Haiti. They appreciate the vulnerability of their own environment. Nicaragua after all is a land of volcano and a slice of terrain betwixt oceans that generate and birth furious storms seemingly lacking in compassion for any sentient being in their path.

An XO is a window not much different then a book or the stories these young handpicked children in Buenos Aires pueblo are creating. They are quite simply a vehicle to a larger imagination and creativity. Their very creation was a collaboration and persistent pursuit of a dream manifested. Still their beauty is the expansion of minds. That’s powerful. So what now? Into whose hands should they go? Exponentially how will these twenty some computers generate more hope? Will putting them in the hands of the children who have been participating and learning benefit their siblings and wider albeit microcosmic community or is it the mentors that matter? Either way how does this pilot move forward?

These are questions that we are waiting on answers to. As witness to this real life endeavor observing others as willing participants both capable and purposeful in carrying on I long to realize the next step. We are trying to put into place a model for sustaining this undertaking. Ask us questions. Let us know your perspective. Together we create tomorrow’s dawn.

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