Yesterday Roxanna’s computer was experiencing ‘the fritz’, simply acting erratic on it’s own accord so Geovany took over (quite happily – he may have put a jinx on her XO) with Lesson 21 – the joystick. I, as noted, was occupied with other issues so based on inquiry the children, especially but not only the boys were thoroughly engrossed. Still they found it a bit complex. We have decided by consensus to review this lesson in its entirety another day when a future lesson is readily grasped.

I want to note both Roxanna’s and Geovany’s commitment to being prepared to deliver each lesson. I have been alleviated of the task of delegating who will present a lesson. They discuss this with Patrick and all prepare both to teach and support one another. They take the time and initiate the opportunity to give me feedback on their observations and suggestions. This is awesome in my book.

Patrick held sway in his discussion on ‘flipping sketches and relational tests.’ A few yawns and chair slumping caused him to pause and await more engaged attention. As he continued questioning the children and having them actively participate in their understanding of vectors and headings the boredom gave way to enlivenment. “Wow, a pause script command is worth knowing about.” I also physically illustrated the difference between the terms ‘turn’ and ‘flip’ by drawing both a symmetrical and non-symmetrical image on paper, both back and front to show how a flip would result in an upside down version of the non-symmetrical image. The children then concretely grasped this concept. Thus it was necessary to draw a sketch facing the direction one planned to have it move across the screen. I also informed them that OLPC would appreciate it if any one of them were able to solve this ‘glitch.’

Later the children worked on their evolving stories. Often the mentors suggest that the children help each other. “Why don’t you go ask Adam about that. His script is doing what you want to do with yours.”

And then it is playtime after explore time. Now, increasingly this means discovering the information available on the XO -pictures of far away places or events or accessing scientific information for example. Chatting has come back and Marcial loves it. There is something different, intimate and I don’t know what about being in the same room and passing messages about. Outside there is also sporting.

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