The future of the pilot weighed heavy today. Adam and I have been discussing it. What can it look like ideally and what are the options with the resources at hand. Is it possible to turn the computers over to the children themselves? What actors do we have and what might support and/or capabilities look like that they may bring to the table?

I spent the afternoon in discussion with the Peace Corps workers, discerning their commitment and making arrangements for their director to visit on Friday for a first hand observation of the project. Adam will be present and hopefully she will have time to visit Campo Alegria as well. Geovany believes that he has found his calling – no, rather that his calling has found him. Marcial recognizes Geovany’s natural and influential way with the children. Their respect for him and his broad hearted sincere interest in their potential as well as ‘nowness’ is utterly apparent. He now can see himself as mentor, coach, participant, facilitator and influencer. He is on board to see this pilot move forward. Marcial and Roxanna are as well as are the Peace Corps volunteers. David is ready to take on a role as well.

Can the children who have participated in the project be given ownership of their computers? I think so. This would both amaze and delight them. Is it reasonable? The entire pueblo knows who these children are and what they have been doing. I truly believe that they would take their computers home and share their learning with both family and friends just as children whom happen to have a television or Game Boy do so now. Can we introduce an after-school program where mentors and junior mentors meet to share their knowledge and experience, possibility concurrent with life-skill forums and just-for-fun sports and play activities? I think so. All the necessary players are lining up. It would model a kind of Boys and Girls Club/ Big Brother, Big Sister program. November, school vacation month, could hold a day camp at the school to work out some kinks. A bevy of 20 more computers would be great -10 to stay at the camp and 10 at the school. Both Peace Corps workers are looking at underwriting possible small action grants to help fund perhaps a safety box for the computers at the school or resources for funding a camp session. Most important here is the dedication of the participants to find a way to move forward in a positive and timely manner.

Any and all thoughts or discussion are welcome.

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