9. Ruben Rivera Casanova

I live in a white house just one block north of the school in section 7 of Buenos Aires. There are 8 sectors in the pueblo. I have one brother and a baby living in my house. We live with my father and Grandfather. I lived and went to school in Costa Rica for five years before moving here.

After school I go home for lunch and then come back here for class and fun. In the evening I watch television, do my homework, have dinner and go too bed. I often play football and other sports with my friends.

I hope to be a professional football player when I grow up. I am small and fast. My favorite player is Grenadine from Brazil. I will have to train a lot but I also plan to get a career. I would like to become a doctor to help people with their sicknesses. I know both these ideas will take a lot of time and work. Still I think it is fun.

My father is a mechanic. Sometimes he takes me with him and I learn how to use the tools. I can already fix some things.

In Costa Rica we had computers in school but not like these. Mostly we used them for chat with other schools, the inter-net and lessons. They were very simple, not like this. Mostly answering questions. I like the XO very much. It is pretty and very interesting to use. I have learned more here and I really like it.

I want to always remember the privilege I have had to come here and learn with the XO’s. I have enjoyed this because I have learned so much.

10. Marvin Alexander Cajina Mora

I live in sector 4 one block east of the Catholic Church. There are 6 members of my family living in my house. My mother, my brothers and me; Hermano age 11, Juan Carlos age 16, Anderson age 4 and Brandon age 2. My father lives in Costa Rica. I also lived and went to school there for seven years.

We had computers in the school there but they were very different. We chatted with them and did email. I did not really learn much with them. These are smaller and unusual. I never saw any like these before. They are pretty and I can learn more with them. I am interested in music. I know I could teach my brothers how to use the XO and do interesting things.

On weekends I watch television, play sports and visit my friend who has a Gameboy so I can play it. At home, after school I do chores and help my mom.

Ever since I was a child and visited a planetarium at a museum in Costa Rica I have wanted to be an astronomer. I just imagine being able to work studying stars and planets. I didn’t know that you can name one if you find a new one. That would be very good. I think that I will go and live and study in France.

I over heard my mom saying to her friends how important it was that I am in this class. She said she knows it will help me become a professional in the future. That made me feel happy and proud.

Once I had the chance to come everyday and play and study with the XO. This is what I want to always remember.

11. Wendys Melissa Garcias Cortez

My house has three people, my mother Joanne, my father Ricardo and me. I have an older sister who is fourteen years. She lives with my grandparents on the Atlantic side of Nicaragua in the district of Tola. Our home is very far from the school. My mother will not let me come all this way alone. She rides with me on her bicycle until we reach town where it is safe. She meets me on my way home after class.

In my spare time I like to go to the lake and bathe. I also like to draw in my notebook. I don’t live in a neighborhood. There are not many houses by me so I learn to play alone.
I love to read and have a few books of biblical stories. I help my mother cleaning the house and doing the dishes.

I would like to study English and become a translator. I want t go to the University. I would like to live in San Juan del Sol. It is very beautiful there and has a beach.

I used to think that laptops were good but really I had no clue about them or how to use them. Now I especially like learning how to draw with them. I would like to keep making art. My parents are very happy for me and think this is very good.

I want to remember everything that happened here in this class. This is an unusual chance and time. I especially want to remember our trip to the camp. That will always be a special day for me.

12. Katherine Massiel Siesar Narljaez

In my house there are six people in my family. one older brother, 2 older sisters, one younger and my grandparents. One of my aunts also lives with us. Our house is in the El Cacal sector of Buenos Aires.

I like to watch the soap opera “El Patito Feo” (The Ugly Duck). Some of my cousins live by me but not many friends so I play with them. We play many games, mostly house and tag. I help with the dishes, sweeping, and run errands. I like to cook and know how to. My favorite food is rice with chicken.

By myself I like to draw. I know how to make bracelets. I learned at Campo Alegria when I went there for a session. That was fun.

I have to think about what I want to be when I’m a grown up. Maybe a doctor. That way I could help the sick. I guess that I want a family. I would like to have four children and a husband. That is not too big or too little. We would probably live in Rivas.

In the past there was never a team who wanted to bring computers to us. I only found out about it the day before from the professor (Marcial). I didn’t even know how to turn it on or off. I am glad for all the things I am learning, especially drawing. I know I can teach things to others and I would like to be better at programming.

I want to remember my childhood. All of it – the playing around. I think this class is excellent. Like I said, no one in the past was interested in teaching us. I am grateful.

13. Daysi Raquel Cubillo Caliz

I am eleven-years-old and I have four younger brothers and three smaller sisters. I am the eldest sibling. We live with my mother and father and my grandmother. We live far out in the country. There are no other families immediately around us so I play with my brothers and sisters.

I help my mother a lot. I clean my room and I like to cook. My favorite is arroz negro (black rice).

I would like to be a secretary. One of my neighbors is one and she has told me about it. Secretaries help other people. I need to study many subjects a lot. The computer will be a big help. I want to go live in Costa Rica because most of my family is there. I was there when I was little and it is beautiful.

I used to think computers would be very hard to learn about. This is the first time I have ever used one and I was surprised that it is not that hard. I like to draw and paint the most so far.

There is a teacher that I want to always remember. It is my fourth-grade teacher. She always makes sure that I understand things. When I don’t she will repeat until I do. She shows patience. Maybe I have learned some patience too.

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