6. Adan Jose Alcocer Monestel

I live in El Cacal part of Buenos Aires. There are twelve of us children, four boys and eight girls. My mothers name is Sonya and my father is Juan. Yes, it s a very big family. I also have eight more cousins but only two grandparents. They are all near by.

After school first I have lunch and then study for a while. I play both baseball and football but I prefer football. I do some errands at home. I draw water from the well, run errands for my mother or father and go shopping. Sometimes we go shopping together.

I heard about laptops and I thought they were a big deal and that they would be difficult to use. Now, the way I use them is very easy. I now know how to paint and I know that I could teach a grownup to use one. I would be able to teach my family. My father told me to behave and pay attention because this is important for my future.

I would like to be an engineer when I grow up. I really don’t know what an engineer does but I like construction and building things. I would like to build houses. I have already worked to help build some.

I would like to remember my elementary school and all the things I have done here with my friends. I would also like to remember that I was obedient to my parents.

7. Julissa del Carmen Lara Garcia

I live with my mother and father on the street called San Dino two blocks north of the park in Buenos Aires. I am nine-years-old and have three older brothers. My grandmother, uncles and my cousins live near by.

I like to play with my dolls. I also enjoy playing house with my friends. My favorite food is rice with beans and cheese and my favorite color is pink.

I want to be a doctor when I grow up because I would like to save people. I know that this will take a lot of studying but that is not a problem for me. I will go to a university to study and come back to live in Rivas. I like Rivas because it is big and has lots of people.

Before this class I thought that computers were good. I had seen them before in Rivas. I know now that they are easy but I need to pay more attention so that they will be even easier. This class is very good for me.

I want to remember that I was able to study computers. I think all the children in the school should be able to learn them because it would be good for them and all of us would learn more.

8. Vicente Javier Mora Dominques

My house is in La Flor Blanca, which means white flower, near El Cacal in Buenos Aires. There are 6 children in my house, three older brothers and two sisters, one older and one younger. Also my mother and father.

I like to watch television, mostly cartoons. I watch Power Rangers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Telly Tubbies and a Spanish cartoon. I also play a lot with my cousin and visit my aunt. I work on my homework after school. It usually takes about five minutes.

My father is a lawyer and I would like to study law as well. Lawyers are able to help those people who have been mistreated. This would be a good occupation. I don’t know exactly where I will study. Who knows? I would go abroad to study if I had the opportunity. We have many conversations in my household. These help me think about many things.

Before this class I thought that studying computer could help a career. I wish I had more time to draw, and play and work on the lessons. I enjoy this. I would teach my brothers but I don’t think they would have much time. They work making furniture and are very busy.

I want to remember these days when I had the chance to study, play with and learn computers with my friends. This is very good. My father is very proud of me.

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