Today I began interviewing the children one by one. We have reached the halfway mark of the pilot. These first 15 lessons are the foundation of Etoys and the rest are the “banquet” of skills and deepening explorations of the program and its possibilities. I thought this was an appropriate time to start. Basically I am asking them a bit about their family life, their dreams and aspirations, their pastimes. I am photographing each student individually and David and Geovany will translate their responses to be sealed in an envelope and delivered to them five years from now. Perhaps it will be sooner (maybe next year or upon graduation) but it is meant to be a bit of a time capsule for them.

In their own words here are the first five:

1. Katherine Guadalupe Montes Alcoser

I live with my mother and three brothers. Two are older and one younger then me. I get treated special because I am the only girl.

When I grow up I want to be a journalist. I know about journalists because I have seen them on television. I would like to be a television journalist. I like people and I am not shy. I will prepare by studying. People will tell me what to do to become one. I would like to travel. I want to live in San Jorge. It is a larger town then Buenos Aires.

I study English on Saturdays in Rivas. I take lessons at a program there.

For fun I play video games. They are in my television set. I also go out with my cousins. We play hide and seek. We also play the Mail Carrier game. There are chairs and the person in the middle is the mail carrier. We sing, “mail carrier, mail carrier you have stinking feet.” Everyone rushes to change chairs. The person left in the middle has stinky feet. It is very funny.

In my mind I thought computers were difficult. Now I know before I was wrong. I would continue using and learning computers. I would teach others what I have learned. I would teach my brothers. They would like to learn too. My mother thinks this is very good and is happy for me.

Five years from now – I would like to always remember Carolyn. That day [she left] was very sad for me. Also, there is a girl who lives near my house who is my best friend.

2. Cindy Paola Capmonla Chamoppo

I am eleven years old and have a brother who is 12. We live with my mother and father.

I want to be a secretary in a Lawyers office when I grow up. I know a lawyer and a secretary already. I would like to help people with their problems.

For fun I like to watch television, mostly soap operas [apparently not the same as those shown in the states]. I do not watch cartoons. I go to the park with my friends and we sit and talk. We just talk about things. I don’t know and laugh. At home I help cleaning the house. That is a good thing. I don’t like to read books. I would if I had some. That is why I watch television.

I also study English. My parents and uncle brought me books. I do this to advance my studies. I also have about three hours of homework to do everyday.

Before this class I thought computers were nice. Now I think maybe we can progress with them. I like what I am learning.

In the future I would like to remember that I am going to study. I want to go to a University. I think I will live in Buenos Aires. I also will remember my friends, Ivann, Catherine and Daisy.

3. Aaron Josue Espinoza Morales

We live in El Cocal in the west part of Buenos Aires. I live with my mother and father and my sister who is seven-years-old. I shall be 12 year-old-soon. My birthday will be in next June.

After school I play with my sister. Sometimes I visit my grandmother and cousins. We live on the same street. Actually I visit my grandmother every day. Katherine and Massial are my cousins.

My favorite thing about school is break time. Mostly I play baseball. I really like it. It is very good.

When I grow up I want to be a computer technician. I wanted to do this before I began this class. I thought about it a long time ago. When I was a little child I thought that this would be very hard but not now. Back then I thought it would be useful. After working with them I know that even more. The computer technician I know is Roxanna. She is pretty good.

In the future I will remember that I am always thinking about etoys and the computer. One day my mother told me that she was very proud of me and that I am very intelligent. That was very good.

4. Jairo Javier Buitrago Wansaanares

I have three siblings, all brothers. I live with my grandmother and my youngest brother in part 6 or 7 of Buenos Aires. My mother lives and works in Costa Rica. I love her very much.

First thing when I arrive home from school I eat and do my homework. Now I come back to school for class. After that I go to the baseball field to play or I play with my neighbors. I like to watch TV.

I want to be a mechanic when I grow up. I want to work on big vehicles and trucks. This is very important. For example, my mother lives in Costa Rica. If I have a car I can fix it and go there, otherwise maybe not. I could also pay for it. My uncle is a mechanic. He will help but not now.

Before I thought computers were important because that way people became professional. I thought it would be very difficult but now it is much easier. I also want to study English when I get to high-school. I don’t want to be a donkey (idiot). My mother is proud of me. She says this is very important. My grandmother is very glad. She said she knows now that I will be someone in the future.

In my future I want to remember the computer programs. Also I am very good at baseball. I play on the Buenos Aires team and I am the leader and the best pitcher.

5. Juan Ramon Amudor Alcocer

My sister, who is thirteen, and I live with my grandmother. We live next to the sugar refinery. My mother lives in Rivas. Her name is Francis Alcocer Narvacs.

My favorite thing is to visit my mother on Sundays. My sister and I ride our bicycles to Rivas every Sunday. There is not a lot of traffic but it takes about a half hour. We leave in the morning early and come back in the afternoon before it gets dark.

During the week I watch TV. My favorite show is The Simpsom’s. I laugh at their jokes. Bart is my favorite character. There is very good animation. I also enjoy football. I don’t care so much for baseball.

I used to think that computers would be difficult to manage. Now they are easy to use. I want to keep working with them. I like all the things that you can do with them. I want to learn more.

I don’t think about what I want to be in the future. I don’t think about any jobs. I will have time for that.

I would like to remember computers and that my mother said, “that’s good.”

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