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Teaching, learning, playing, creating … everything is interwoven. The spark of light in a child’s mind is there at the very beginning. It is our job, as the caretakers of these bright lights, to kindle that spark and fan them, and watch them grow. This spark wants to grow naturally, strongly, because it knows its purpose: to love, to watch, to learn, to know, to grow.

The thing that weakens that spark is fear. Fear keeps us trying to do what we think other people want. Fear keeps us distant from our lives, locked in life-long jobs or relationships that may not be feeding us. Fear keeps us from trusting ourselves. Fear holds us back from truly knowing and loving ourselves. Fear keeps us from opening our hearts completely to our children.

And that fear becomes hidden, down secretly in our hearts. We cover it up with experience, knowledge, ego, and “expertise,” but our children are able to see it anyway, and from it they learn how to be fearful themselves. That’s when the spark starts to dwindle, to lose its bright shine for the future.

Now fear is a powerful force in the world. It may make some of us stronger, quicker, smarter, meaner, but – for certain – it can destroy us. A child needs to know how to handle fear, to be able to love and accept the world as it: a crazy, dangerous, loving, terrifying, anxious, hopeful, violent, hilarious, gentle, peaceful place, in which to grow. And if she understands this, she will know her part in helping to change it.

So, while we teach her, let’s be playful, fun, loving, humorous, kind, (somewhat) logical, and free. Let her blossom.

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