Jose has become my eager helper. I arrived early today and he a tad late. He was disappointed that he was not there to unload a box of computers from the taxi. Two other children were busy calling out the laptop numbers for the children to claim. Seeing the bag holding the mice, he quickly snatched it and began passing them out. Tasks like these are physical was for him to show his appreciation. They are important to him.

Geovany had endured an awful flu over the weekend. I told him he was free to go home if he wasn’t feeling well but he adamantly refused. This was too important to him and besides he was feeling far better than he had on Saturday. Also David and Patrick still hadn’t showed up and he was concerned about the lesson. I assured him that between the three of us (Roxanna was present), we would do fine. Marcial was on hand but is in the throes of filling out 160 progress reports for the entire student body of the school, a daunting task.

We started off with a review. I illustrated first the steps for animation and then for a story pictorially on the whiteboard. The children expressed that this visual step-by-step was helpful and then David and Patrick arrived. They had had trouble getting taxis from Rivas. Patrick took over delivering lesson 15, his first class presentation. Naming and labeling are unwittingly or not being drilled into the children’s psyches. After awhile many of their attention spans began to wane, but once they were turned loose to create a four-frame animation of a person, animal or thing walking, the atmosphere in the room became lively. These animations were to involve a character featured in their story.

A handful of the children are having trouble following the steps. Lester for one, as he had missed a few classes, was struggling. Also his animation from Friday had a bug that we couldn’t quite determine so I sat with him as we went back to square one. By the end of the class he had joined the ranks of the rest of the class in successfully seeing his sun flash and radiate before their eyes.

Others managed to animate two or more sketches. The figures they created were inventive and full of personality. A few of the children stayed on working steadily on their stories after the rest had shut down and roared into the courtyard for what has become a daily bout of football.

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