Two children burst into the camp kitchen seven am on the dot as I was just pouring a fresh cup of brewed coffee into a cup. Yasser and his four-year-old brother were ready for an early morning swim. I downed a few gulps and we were out the door and down to the lake. After an hour or so of frolicking in the water they ran home to change and before I finished showering and dressing they were back wishing to work on the XO’s.

Just quickly I would like to note how leisure time to explore and experiment enhances the overall interaction with the XO. Life needs balance. The children in the program give their full attention as much as possible to the classroom lessons. The extra hour to play is welcome but they are also somewhat burnt out after two hours of focus and concentration. They do not have the luxury of taking their computers home to go back to in the evening or whenever to freely explore at their leisure.

Yasser has had this time because I am present at the camp and he can come up and do just that while I am busy writing or cooking. It is during these times that he really discovers the possibilities inherent in story making and telling, funny scripts, and surprising accidents. It was during one of these relaxed evenings when he had produced some marvelous and intricate patterns using the pen tool and changing it over and over from line to dot to arrow, switching colors and thickness and thoroughly engrossed and dazzled by his random creations. He wrote an entire script for a simple sketch with the pen tool and then filled the sketch with no color so it became invisible. When he clicked go to set the script in motion a pen pattern emerged without an object. Now this had some awesome implications. We were wowed.

It is just that freedom of solitary discovery that the pilot children are lacking. There must be a way to over come this and realize a way to let them access this other world of engagement. By doing so the XO’s can be naturally incorporated into their daily lives.

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