Some days are bitter sweet. Days of parting after sharing unexpected closeness are like that. Everyone felt it today. Carolyn and Bill are departing.

The children’s lesson began as usual. Carolyn led them through scripting. StartOver. A task. They listened and achieved.

Ruben moved his desk aside and worked on a story about his brother’s birthday party. Cakes with chocolate and vanilla. A piñata. Pigs, swing sets, trucks, and stars rotated, spun. Got named.

Still the real part of the day was the piquancy of parting. A singular hug started it. And then the freedom to hug took over.

In the teacher class it was the same. All thirty lessons were accomplished. At the end of the day everyone scripted siblings able to interact with an object of counter vectors. A school of fish, a convoy of trucks, a swath of ghosts could interact as a group.

Important matters happened in small things like thank you’s. That great heartfelt question – “will we meet again?” The joy of sharing.

This morning I had the privilege of hearing Daniel from Chop Point speaking to his mother and father on the phone. He’ll be seeing them again tomorrow. Skype was not working quite correctly but they were making assurances about how to find each other. “Maybe I’ll be asleep in the airport,” “still I’ll make myself known to you,” said his father.

The stuff of love dawning again and always, each and every day. Have a great first day at school Chop Pointers. And learn from your mentors. Perhaps they have seen things you might not know or seen and vise versa. Share.

Safe travels all. Love to my family too. Let the hugs go round.

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