Six am we made for the beach to try to meet the fishermen setting out on the lake in pursuit of their daily livelihood. Bill had hopes of filming them in their preparations and launching of their vessel. As I had suspected we were too late. Five am is the hour. Still we met Will, a Nicaraguan from up north, who was rather familiar with English as he left for Miami in 1979 after his brother was killed at the start of the war. He was happy to practice his English and engaged us in his tale of his experiences both here in Nicaragua and in the states. Around seven his friends the fisherman reached the shore with their catch. Bill got his film opportunity while Carolyn and I queried and after purchasing a string of fish for dinner we headed back to camp.

Splendid are the times when the direction one chooses to navigate towards a given goal produces the results that you hoped for when setting course. Today’s class illustrated the benefits of our prior decisions. The book was introduced today along with a presentation of Tim’s Seymour story. The children were able to recognize elements and scripts in his story that they are already capable of creating and were also impressed with the possibilities that future lessons will allow them to utilize. Disappearing images was one of these. I demonstrated how to drag a book out of the supply bin, and the differences between the world and the page. The children followed along dragging objects into their book and ‘testing’ to see if they had placed them there or if the were simply ‘floating’ in the world.

Next Carolyn led them in a brainstorming session to flush out character, place, who, what, where, when and why story ideas. The children were very animated during this activity. They realized that they were now going to embark on bringing their sketches to life and the idea thrilled their imaginations. The rest of the class was spent working on a first page but by mid-session a few had already moved on to second and then third pages. We feel that the strong foundation the children have internalized in working with the tools, saving individual sketches, consistently naming sketches, objects and scripts all have contributed to a smooth approach in conceptualizing the creation of their unique stories.

During the teacher/mentor session Bill introduced the random script. We wrote more startOver scripts and world scripts and then went on to create siblings and to move and object along a curving path. By the end of class everyone was successful in accomplishing all of the above. Quite exhausted from the intensely rigorous week we were all a bit taken aback as it dawned on us that there was only one more teacher/mentor session left to go. Surely we have steered a steady course and come Monday we will have navigated all 30 lessons. It has indeed been a worthwhile adventure.

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