Today marks the beginning of week 2 of our pilot sans Jonathan and Daniel our two volunteer mentors from Camp Alegria. They need to get back to their obligations at the camp and then will be headed back home to the US. We are all grateful for their capable, good humored and helpful presence. They were a tremendous asset the first week.

To fill their absence Patrick, a Peace Corps volunteer, has come on board. I hope that his involvement will prove beneficial to the ongoing sustainability of the project, as he will be in Nicaragua for another 11 months. This is an excellent opportunity to forge a relationship between the Peace Corps and the school in Buenos Aires as well as Camp Alegria.

Today’s session began with a different format then usual. The lesson involved the introduction of scripts. As this is a fairly complex process we decided that it would be best to demonstrate the steps of the lesson in entirety before having the children launch in themselves. To begin with Carolyn opened with a review asking the children to identify tools they have already been using. It was clear that they have a good grasp of the material covered in the lessons thus far. She then went into the demonstration. The children were attentive and eager to boot up and tackle the process themselves. To begin with they created a single simple sketch – a soccer ball, a boat, a truck, a smiling sun to name a few ¬– kept it, opened it’s halo, set its direction with the arrow tool and began experimenting with various numerical settings for advancing and turn. Once again we witnessed children helping children if they got stuck. Very quickly one of our classroom whiz’s found the add sound script and before long the entire class was experimenting with adding various sounds to their bounce scripts. They then proceeded to create 2 more discreet sketches and soon had their objects zipping and spinning across their screens.

The teacher’s lessons involved more complex scripting and introduced animation. Patrick joined us for this session. During the children’s class we introduced him to the XO and etoys. It is apparent that he will be able to catch up quite quickly.

Marcial and Roxanna are struggling a bit with the increasing complexity of the lessons however Geovany and David (our translators/mentors) are working diligently to try to keep them up to speed. Geovany is very capable and while David is more hesitant working with the computer in general he appears quite able to explain both the concepts and processes being presented demonstrating a sound understanding of them.

Yesterday Bill, Carolyn and I headed off to San Juan del Sol for a bit of adventure. We hired a boat with a motley crew of world travelers and headed south along the Pacific coastline looking for waves. Carolyn and the others dove of the side and paddled their boards into the waves and enjoyed an afternoon of surfing. Bill and I stayed on board reveling in the rock of the sea, the beautiful shoreline and the presence of sea turtles. Later, at dinner with our new acquaintances representing Sweden, Austria, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia and Antigua, the conversation turned toward the XO’s and the pilots. Everyone was inquisitive about this project. They asked probing questions, brought up concerns about sustainability and children’s capabilities across cultures. It was heart warming to experience their genuine enthusiasm about the pilot.

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