There were no absences today even though it was Saturday. The children were gathered at the school dressed in their uniforms and eager to start another lesson. They were introduced to the halo tool and the children were pleased to learn how to further manipulate their sketches. They practiced resizing, by both retaining the scale and not, duplicating, rotating, repainting and discarding.

We had decided to first present the children with each tool through demonstration and then to have them experiment with the new tools by creating a pond and a fish. They appreciated that it was easier to draw something large and then to reduce its size. They also enjoyed being able to discard a sketch that they were not happy with and begin again. They went on to duplicate their fish twice and to recolor them. They were then able to place their fish in their ponds. We felt that it was important for them to do a “follow along” lesson – much like the starfish challenge in order to concretely grasp the process involved so that they could more readily transfer the concepts to objects of their own creation. At this point the “concept of creating a story” is difficult for them to comprehend. We are sensing that enabling them to become comfortable with all the basic tools at their disposal is creating the foundation, facility and competence to apply them to their own story elements in the week ahead.

Each child is exhibiting unique approaches to their work. Overall understanding comes more easily to some then others. A few chose tools that are more time consuming over others that maybe better suited to the task at hand even after comparing the two methods. Some prefer using the track-pad over the mouse. Color is much more important to some then others. All of the children were able to accomplish the challenge by the end of the lesson.

During free exploration the majority of the children became enthralled with chatting. Some messages began to take on some rambunctious qualities and these had a way of quickly multiplying. Perhaps chat presents an avenue for addressing intra-personal responsibility/empathy and opens an opportunity for dialogue about ‘bullying’ in the classroom.

The teacher session dealt with startOver scripts and world startOver scripts. These concepts proved difficult to grasp but Bill was stalwart in his presentation of them. It became quite clear that presenting difficult concepts in multiple modalities is helpful in facilitating understanding. When one person ‘gets it” they tend to explain it from a slightly different angle. Knowing that everyone learns differently, this multiple presentation both helps to clarify concepts in new ways and can also point out weaknesses or misunderstandings in the overall concept.

We all deserve a break for a day – though the children were rather disappointed that there was no Sunday session. We’ll let things incubate until Monday. One week. Remarkable involvement. On the ride back to camp the questions, evaluations and reflections we will ponder from our experience this week began to surface. All said the agreement is – this is potential being realized – can’t possibly turn back now.

(This post was partially delayed uploading due to lack of access to a signal).

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