Spent the morning dealing with logistics – unpacking, numbering computers. Bill worked out glitches in upgrading them and trouble shooting that process that would continue well into the night. Meeting with Adam, getting his back story on the project and what he perceives his ability to participate due to all of his other responsibilities here at the camp. Issues arose concerning translators and transportation after the first 2 weeks. Possibilities included getting a local peace corps volunteer on board as well, hiring a local with a vehicle to drive every day (may be cheaper than the rental car option). Adam is looking in to this.

Afternoon: first lesson with Marcial and Roxanna. Roxanna drove Marcial out to the camp from Buenos Aries on her motorcycle. We all exchanged greetings and agreed that we would eat lunch together before we began our first session. Adam was able to share lunch and stay though out the introductory session.

Marcial is a principal at 28 years of age. It was always his dream to become a teacher. He worked very hard and eventually went to Managua to study mathematics. His sister also teaches. He seems warm and jovial, of good humor and patience. He feels that it a “blessing from God” that his school got these computers. Actually the computers will become the property of Camp Alegria (at least as it stands right now). He is concerned over the condition of his school. He is aware that neighboring Costa Rica has computers in elementary schools. His school is in disrepair, has no electricity and serves 172 children in limited space. He knows in his heart that this is a very special project of great importance to the future of these children. He is unfamiliar with computers but is dedicated to this project.

Roxanna is lovely with spunk. While only 18 she finished high school early (at 16) and with Marcial’s help was able to go on and get her teaching certificate. She is smart, inquisitive and daring. She was very engaged in the initial introduction and lessons.

Adam senses the promise of the course and training and is anxious to provide whatever support he can to making the project go forward smoothly and effectively. He also gleaned the true value of this project and training after the introduction and initial lesson beautifully delivered by Carolyn with back up support from Bill and myself.

The day was successful. Inspiring. And informal. The evening and night were spent preparing for tomorrows lessons and the first encounter with the children.

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