In attendance: Christa, Jane, Katey, Russell, Brenda (FGCU), and another FGCU graduate…I forgot his name again!

Today we started the day whole group and 5 students shared their story progress from the weekend.

After, I did a lesson on World Start Over.

We broke into our groups of Writing Test Scripts, Scripting Clean up, Writing, and Drawing. We had a few computer snafoos that interupted our progress at first, but we worked through most of it. One of the screens is blank on about 1/3 which made it impossible to work on for one of the kids. Not sure about that one.

Some of the kids are worn out and think they are done, but they need to work on the drawing and scripting of characters. So Jane has a plan for Thursday.

She has crafted a great new story that the kids will have come up and help her script. They will like this a lot and the story will help them step out of their box! We hope they take some of the ideas and write the scripts into their own stories.

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