There is a community thriving in a place that drew myriad individuals with the hope of finding prosperity against all odds. They embraced a dream, a desire, and impulse for fulfillment in a town called Immokalee translated home.

Imagine a map. X marks the spot. Here lies treasure.

Some would say foolishness. No treasure lies there. It is a faulty figment of imagination.

Others dream. This X holds promise.

So against all odds people came to this place marked X on a map inspired by tales that they heard of employment, safety, new beginnings. Rivers were crossed. Fences climbed. Bushes gave shelter from predators. Breath was suppressed. Hearts pumped louder then a surveillance planes engines. Personal atrocities were encountered and endured. This journey was not easy. No one can really take on the experience of those who undertook it. It was difficult. Yet necessary.

Then you reach the spot. X on the map.
Sleep under a truck. Sun dry your rain drenched clothes along with your tears.
File into line to gain a promise of a days work if luck will have it. Toil, care, worry. Take solace and strength in those you love. That is was will be always your nourishment.

A better life. Freedom. Caring. Love.

Imagine an X on a map. What would you dream? Sacrifice to get there?

A bunch of teachers, community members, random change-makers are engaged in just that – dreaming in possibility. The outcome is gracefully unfolding.

Pioneering. A spirit that creates unifies and begets bewilderment, engagement, newness in love.

Thanks to and for all of you in Immokalee who committed to the dream. Please continue to imagine and dream on.

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