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In Attendance: Christa, Katey, Mary, Russell, Jane (Also, Dick, Brenda, Jorge, Raquel and Juan from Ave Maria and Jared from Immokalee Foundation.)

We started class by having the students open their journals and delete any files that were unneeded. We asked the students why this was important and most of them new that their laptops would be faster if they had fewer items in the journal. We also reminded them that having more than one activity opened at a time would slow the computer down.

Next we had the students work on their books. The teachers walked around and evaluated the students’ books and we divided them into groups depending on their progress.

Groups: Writing, Drawing, Animation, Scripting, Tests

We had planned on bringing the groups back together towards the end of the class but the groups were making progress and we decided to coninue with the groups for the remainder of the class.

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