In Attendance: Christa, Jane, Mary, Katey, Russell, Brittany, 2 graduates from Ave Maria University

Today we began with sharing of stories that the students had written since the last class.  Each team (4) picked one student to share what they had written so far. We discussed our goals and motivations.

We reviewed what we have learned so far using a BrainSmart technique: Ten Pegs.  The students touch 10 points on the body as we reviewed. The kids were great!

  1. Make a Sketch (Head)
  2. Open the Halo & Name Sketch (Shoulders)
  3. Open the viewer & make script (Chest)
  4. Make go Forward & Turn (Belly)
  5. Pen & Bounce (Hips)
  6. Open Supply Bin (Bum)
  7. Open a Book & Add pages (Thighs)
  8. Add Text & make a Story (Knees)
  9. Start Over (Shins)
  10. Animation (Feet)

After the review we went into Animation.  I went through a list of 25 different steps, then broke it down into chunks for the students to grasp. We did an I DO, YOU DO type of experience.  The students really need something to keep and look at so that they remember these different RECIPES in Squeak.  I was impressed with how well they did, but they do need a visual.  I wanted to make screen shots with directions, but could not find a way to do that with the program.  Any hints would be great.

For the Challenge we had them try to animate 1 or 2 characters in their book.

The fact that they can’t resize the object that they want to animate is something we will have to keep reminding them.

Russell had a good idea for them to have a journal to write notes in, but at their age and ability level that is much more difficult for them to do and it takes up too much instructional time.  We are working on this! 

They are picking up Squeak very well, but there are a few that still need a little more motivation.   

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