(notes by Jane)

In Attendance: Christa, Katey, Mary, Russell, Jane

Hats off to Christa! She did a great job last class, reviewing scripts, naming sketches, etc. Then she also covered new material from Lesson 10. Although she did a great job, most of the kids I worked with didn’t seem to grasp all of it.

Therefore, I did a lot of reviewing: duplicating, repainting, renaming sketches, making scripts to race the sketches, using the random tile. I also emphasized the importance of naming sketches and scripts.

Because this was a review, I knew some kids would be bored, so I talked a little bit about Junior Mentors. Alejandro, Maria Perez and Jonathan Garcia all finished quickly and helped children who were struggling. I was so proud of them.

When it was time to review “Start Over” scripts. I gave them a little pep talk about asking for help and not being afraid of making mistakes. Then I told them that even I needed to brush up on “Start Over” scripts and that Katey (our star) had agreed to help me if I got stuck.

I also introduced the term “Flaps” and demonstrated how useful they are.

Once the children had completed their races, I asked them to leave them on their screens and then walk around to see what other kids had done.

For the last 15 minutes of class, I talked about my story. I explained the words discrimination, symbolism and personification and then I read my story to them.

For homework, I asked them to decide what their story would be about and get started writing it in the “Write” program or on paper.

I think the class went well.

(Naples Daily News interviewed teachers and students and took pictures.)

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