In Attendance: Christa, Jane, Katey, Mary

Today went well!  Behavior & understanding is getting better each session.

We started off with the Starfish Challenge homework sharing:  They could share any progress they made over the weekend.

We worked on Lesson 10 & reviewed writing scripts.

  1. Discuss why we are here. I gave a little motivational speech about how they were chosen for the pilot.
  2. Students picked a student from their team to share what they accomplished over the weekend.
  3. We discussed procedures, rules, and troubleshooting computer problems.
  4. Reviewed naming sketches
  5. Created multiple characters for a race.  We chose to do this together to show how you write scripts for each character.
  6. We went back and forth in an “I do, you do” fashion for each mini lesson.
  7. We taught them how to Use All Scripts in the Tool Box.
  8. We switched gears for the second half and work on Storytelling.
  9. I told a story about my life: My 5th birthday and my cat, Ralph.
  10. We discussed telling stories about our lives
  11. We opened our Writing Journal for the day wrote about the days lesson &  began a list of personal stories to tell.
  12. For homework they were to add to their story list and work on writing their scripts for their characters from the day’s lesson.
    They worked hard and enjoyed the Storytelling segment.  They are excited to tell a story about their life using the characters they have made!

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