In attendance: Christa, Katey, Mary V., Donna, Jane and Teddy

  1. The Bethel projector is still broken so we set up the room in 4 U-shaped table teams with the projector we brought facing the back wall.
  2. Although Christa and I brought extra power cords, it didn’t seem to be an issue because we are now having all the “forgot to charge kids” sit at one table.  Hopefully, this will encourage them to remember to charge.
  3. I did lessons 7, 8 and 9 today.  The students seemed to do well.  Mary will teach 10 and 11 on Thursday.
  4. One super helpful thing was that we required the students to turn their entire computer around while I was demonstrating new material.  They paid attention!  Katey had some good feedback.  She said that on Monday she had to reteach each skill to practically every child at her table.  Today she barely had to explain the new skills to anyone.
  5. I completely agree with Christa on the Team Teaching experience.  Feel free to come up and grab the mic. if something needs to be shared that was forgotten etc.  It will not hurt our feelings!!  Also, just yell it out.  “Jane could you demonstrate on your computer how to write Lesson 7 and Keep it.” 
  6. Also on the Team Teaching, it might be helpful to address the teachers when saying “We’re going to work on this activity for 2 more minutes, and then everyone needs to turn their computer around.”
  7. Setting ground rules on Chat, Cell Phone Use, Attendance, and Respect definitely made a difference with behavior management.  Great job everyone*!*
  8. We had several visitors today, Sinclair of One By One Leadership, Dick Hailer of One By One Leadership and Dick’s student Carl, of Ave Maria.  Also, we had County Comissioner, Jim Coletta, who took a few minutes to talk to the students.
  9. We are still working to firm up a date for an event at the end of the program.  Hopefully, Thursday, July, 31, 2008.
  10. We used the Write program for a group Learning Journal today.  Students can copy what the teacher writes or write their own words based on their confidence and skill level.  A student at Mary’s table did an outstanding job synopsizing what we had learned.  Mary read it aloud so the other students could appreciate it.
  11. At the beginning of class we encouraged the students to travel around their table and see what other students had done for homework.  I had them do this again after approximately one hour followed by a “celebration cheer.”  Is there some other stretching song? Or cheer that children this age would like?
  12. Using Power Point between the Squeak lessons, as Christa did yesterday, seemed to work out well.
  13. I will have a Starfish incentive for the kids by Monday.
  14. Any suggestions or ideas about anything we can improve or try?Thanks to everyone!!!! 

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