In attendance: Christa, Katey, Jane, Mary V., Ted, Russell, Nicole

Monday was our first day without our new Waveplace friends. We used the day to review LESSONS 5 & 6 because we knew that the kids would need a refresher from the week before.

  1. We set up the room in 4 U-shaped table teams with the projector Jane & Ted brought facing the back wall.  The Bethel projector is still broken, but everything worked out after the lightning slowed down!  In the beginning we had to restart the projector & computer between 10 and 15 times which slowed our start by 10 minutes.
  2. We need to bring extra power cords to run around the room.  It’s a mighty big room!
  3. We will take turns leading the lessons and supporting each other the week: Monday-Christa-Lessons 5 & 6; Wednesday-Jane-Lessons 7-9 (We have already covered much of it); Thursday-Mary V.-Lessons 10 & 11.
  4. The is a Team Teaching experience.  Feel free to come up and grab the mic. if something needs to be shared that was forgotten etc.  It will not hurt our feelings!!
  5.  Overall the experience went well, but we all agree that we have been too gentle with the behavior management aspect.  We will better define our expectations / ground rules / procedures on Wednesday for using the restroom, getting a drink of water, using Chat, being absent, etc.  With over 40 kids we have to set better guidelines or we will accomplish very little.  During the main portion of the lesson the kids will have to turn their computers around or close the lid and listen.  Too much chatting going on!!! We need a little more tough love, which will help the kids have more fun and learn more in the long run.
  6. If students decide to drop out we will go pick up their computer with the help of Josh, Pastor Frank’s brother, who is driving the bus.
  7. If students miss more than 1 day without notice, their parents will be notified and the child will lose the computer and will not be able to finish the pilot unless parents speak to us.
  8. All adults working with students must follow the county procedure of getting fingerprinted and having a background check before they can work with the students.  It can be done at the local police sub-station.  If it is not done, then you will not be able to stay and volunteer.  This is a safety policy to protect the kids.  We have already done this if we work for the county.
  9. Tentatively we will set an event celebration for Thursday, July, 31, 2008.  That will be our last day with students because we start back to work.  Susan will start that week.  I start Monday (Aug 4th).  The Teachers start a week after that.  We are thinking 7/31 is a great day because we could get the parents to come in that afternoon after class for the rewards ceremony / celebration.  Ted and Jane are checking on the date. 
  10. The prospect of using the story book as a journal is not going to work too well as we discussed last week.  We will try using the Writing program on Wednesday.
  11. Students were a little confused about opening a 2nd viewer up for a sketch.  we will review that all objects have a viewer etc.
  12. I attached my lesson plan.
  13. The Power Point – I made quickly just so students could visualize all that we were asking them to think about as we discussed & see a visual of the challenge. 
  14. Jane will pick up stickers or a little incentive for the Starfish Challenge.

I hope this format works. I am a bullet format type of person! Have a great day!

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