(written by Jeanie Haas, from newsletter)

Nicaragua, the poorest nation in Central America, is a beautiful country which has suffered more than its share of woes in recent history; devastating earthquake and hurricanes, civil war, corrupt government. Still, its people are warm and welcoming, accepting and hopeful.

Our family has been involved in projects in Nicaragua for about 15 years; micro-enterprise, schools, orphanages and more. We especially love working with children, as they are the future of this special nation. So it was a great joy to stumble upon Waveplace via friends in Sanibel, Florida, and we are happy to be partnering with them to bring their creative technology to the children of southern Nicaragua. Our plan is to work with a school in the small, rural town of Buenos Aires, using both Nicaraguan instructors as well as an American who lives in the nearby town of Rivas. As with any project in a third-world country, we face challenges; the school currently has no electricity but does have large holes in the roof! Even if we do get electricity, long blackouts are common. But the hurdles only make us want to work harder to find creative solutions and make the end success even more rewarding. Currently we plan to use bulk battery chargers and plug them in at a nearby rustic camp that has a reliable generator.

We’re very excited about this pilot project and the opportunity to impact this community, where an average daily salary is 3 dollars and most travel by ox cart. This program will open up a whole new world for these children, which we believe will positively impact their families as well.

Please join with us in reaching out by donating to Waveplace. There is no better way to bolster the ailing American image worldwide than through outreaches such as this! And there is nothing quite like the smiles that are given in return.

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