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To say that the last few months at Waveplace have been busy strains the very definition of the word. Aside from finishing our first pilot and helping our second through some very tough times (see below), I’ve been traveling the US, fundraising for our Saint Vincent and Immokalee pilots this summer. We’re also laying the foundation for as many as thirty courses with 600 laptops next fall.

More than this, we’ve completely revamped our Squeaky Tales courseware, half of which was unveiled yesterday to a select group of “beta” reviewers. What you see on the website under Tutorials is the “alpha” courseware we used in St John. Our beta courseware is a vast improvement, which we’ll be testing out this summer. After the pilots, we hope to take the courseware and create a professional textbook and DVD series.

Before that’s possible, we need to raise more money, as we’re now reaching the end of our startup funding. With months left to finish our pilots, courseware, and film, we’re short on funds. If ever there was a time to click donate to help, this is it. Each dollar we receive will allow us to improve our courseware and documentary.

Waveplace has been a roller-coaster ride, no doubt, but we’re getting closer and closer to realizing our vision, that of engaging the children of the world to take ownership of their own education, so that they may excel in jobs that don’t yet exist, so that they may someday solve the problems of the future.

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