(written by Amanda Adams of Mercy & Sharing, from newsletter)

During the most recent period of rioting and civil unrest in Haiti, we at Mercy & Sharing were forced into “emergency mode” to keep the precious children in our care safe. A bright spot for us was the more than 160 Haitians we employ in our operations in Haiti. Some of these amazing people courageously risked their lives to navigate around mass riots and burning barricades to deliver food, supplies and life saving medicine to our orphanages, schools, feeding centers, clinic and abandoned baby unit where we care for abused, neglected and abandoned children. Some of the workers were even stranded at the Mercy & Sharing facilities, unable to get home due to the extreme danger of the situation in the streets — leaving their own children and families alone during this very dangerous time. Without these dedicated workers, our children could literally have starved or died from a medical condition. The situation was critical, with some of the worst rioting we’ve seen in the 15 years we’ve been in Haiti.

Domestically, Mercy & Sharing was able to acquire more than 100 tons of food aid for Haiti. And, in just over two years, Mercy & Sharing has sent more than 230 tons of food and aid — this is more than most countries (Brazil 18 tons). This brings the Mercy & Sharing donation total to over $3.31 million in food and aid, and $2.35 million in financial aid to Haiti — that’s almost $6 million dollars in total aid! The food and aid generated by Mercy & Sharing is almost 23% of what the United Nations has been able to generate in their world wide effort.

With the worst of the rioting now over and the streets somewhat calm, we have cleaned up and are back in business full swing. We are even expanding our feeding programs to help 1,300 more hungry children. Without support from friends and partner organizations, we wouldn’t be able to do this — Thank You. For more information on Mercy & Sharing, please visit haitichildren.com or call us at 1-877-424-8454.

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