Today I read some very nice comments from a few of the people who donated their XO laptops to children in our Haiti pilot. Last week I posted photos of the children that got their laptops as well as a new video.

The first donor comment was from Emily Davidow, who also blogged:

Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate in this wonderful program! Seeing the pictures and movie made me so happy. Looking forward to following the progress in Haiti and all your programs through the newsletter.

The next was from author David Weinberger, who blogged as well.

I can’t say much makes me happier than this photo of the One Laptop Per Child laptop I donated in the hands of its owner. (I had done the “buy two, get one” program, and then donated the laptop they’d sent me. That’s the one you see here.) Thank you, Waveplace, for doing this, and for letting me see what you do.

The last was from Harlan Limpert:

I’m so appreciative of this link to the photo of the young girl that received out XO laptop. It’s given me an additional opportunity to “plug” the good work of Waveplace.

If you’d like to donate a laptop for our upcoming St Vincent pilot, please contact us. If you’d like to donate money to help us finish our documentary and courseware, please click here.

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