LaReesa teaches! I had worked with LaReesa earlier in the week on Holder animation, the same lesson as with Laura. I had originally thought we would only get through half of it on Tues – i.e. we would work on frames on Tues and scripting on Thurs. However because Laura had managed to teach the entire process on Tues, and because LaReesa had had problems when she was trying out the lesson on her own, I switched what she was teaching just before class to a tutorial/refresher of a few of the more helpful tools in Etoys.

In it she went through with the kids – (a) How to Hide the holder – which we hadn’t quite gotten to. (b) How to use the “All Scripts” tool. (c) How to use the “Players” tool.

Really getting a handle on each of these, (especially the second two) I felt would go a long way in helping the kids get through some of the problems they were having. Because the XO is relatively underpowered, having all the scripts on at once in their books can really bog the machine down. Trying to find and turn all the scripts off can be nightmarish when the cursor is moving slowly or freezing up. Also the Players command is absolutely essential. Because of some quirk in the XO version of Etoys, the icons for the viewers disappear when you go to the next page. If an object makes its way off the screen or book page, it is gone forever without this tool.

LaReesa does a great job of teaching, going through these concepts, and after that we move on to the animation. From there the problems we have today are pretty much identical as the ones we had on Tues, with a few new twists, related and unrelated. One is that A’Feyah’s pages are all different sizes, which once I explain why is problematic, she quickly fixes.

Also as the kids try and add more animations to their pages, their problems multiply also, but they are variations on the original themes.

JahQuan’s done a nice animation that the other boys are all impressed by. Some of the other boys also want help on their own animations.

Also had the new ogg music files for today, these opening in a much stable fashion in the XO’s media browser. Only problem was that some had a tough time with the concept of them as a motivating tool, and had no ability whatsoever to hold out till 4:45when class was over and I passed around the USB drive. But for the rest of the kids it was well worth it. (On a related note, I can’t help but think that A’Feyah’s success with Etoys is directly related to her love of chocolate.)

It for now.

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