Today we’re starting our pilot in Haiti, at one of the Mercy & Sharing schools in Port-Au-Prince. Our very own Bill Stelzer, leader of our St John pilot, will be teaching Emile Roulsa Jean and two others to become Haiti’s first Waveplace mentors. They’ll then start a ten-week pilot using the nineteen laptops we were able to receive in time.

Our greatest thanks go to the ten kind souls who donated their XOs last weekend, along with David Weinberger, Jerry Michalski, and Wayan Vota for helping spread the word. David & Jerry are A-List blogerati and Wayan runs OLPC News, which published my article last weekend.

For those that have wondered, we’re going it alone in Haiti, with none of the laptops donated by OLPC’s G1G1 program going to Mercy & Sharing. Our goal is to raise $250,000 to purchase one thousand laptops and train enough mentors and teachers to really engage the kids and get them excited about education.

We met with the Haitian government yesterday and plan to share our discoveries freely with them. They’re working directly with OLPC, though they’re interested in our experiences as well. They’ll be at the laptop unveiling today.

Again, thank you everyone for your kindness and your encouragement. Stay tuned for more video from Haiti next week.

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