Today is Valentines Day, by default the most horrible day of the year, and generally a day of mourning for me. When I showed up at GBS the place was a nuthouse. The kids were hyper-amped on massive quantities of Valentine’s candy and their fragile brains were pretty much short circuiting before my eyes.

I had had a plan to start the class with more geometry marching on the playground, but it was obvious that that wasn’t going to happen. In fact it was obvious not much was going to happen today. Decide instead to make it a day of mentoring, to try and get all the kids caught up and up to speed before I left for Haiti on Sunday and left them for the week with Laura, LaReesa and Mary.

Actually had had an interesting day the day before though. Came in during recess to set up the Airport Express Tim had sent down, as well as to hand out the long awaited mice. No end of excitement there.

One thing about kids, they learn lightening fast when (a) it comes to technical issues, and (b) they really, really want to know. I taught a couple kids how to get onto the Immuexa hotspot using the neighborhood screen and the browser and within minutes they themselves had taught the rest of the kids around them. Like wildfire. Stunning to watch.

One thing I also quickly discovered was where fourth graders go when they get internet access. YouTube. Specifically, Soulja Boy as interpreted by Alvin and the Chipmunks. Sadly they learned that the XO doesn’t play flash videos, so after much experimentation, much of the class migrated to the school computer where they staged an impromptu hip hop concert.

One exception though was Tracy, who was just staring at the Google home page on her XO. As I walked over to her, she said to me.

“I want to see it.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“The whole world, I want to see it.”

I told her she was already looking at it. That all she had to do was type it in. She didn’t really believe me, so I asked her what she wanted to know about. She said New Jersey, so I said okay just type it in. Thought it was a bit strange as she entered it, but I didn’t say anything. When the results for New Jersey came up, I showed her how to work Google images, to see pictures of New Jersey. With that she was off and exploring. As I watched, I asked her why she wanted to know about New Jersey. Without looking up from the screen, she said it was because that was where her mom lived.

It for now.

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