Just sent out a plea to forums and bloggers I know. David Weinberger not only posted it, but he’s sending us his XO!

Here’s the plea:

Waveplace is a non-profit starting an XO pilot in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, in ten days. OLPC was going to be giving us laptops, but it fell through, which is why I’m trying to get twenty XOs from elsewhere.

Your laptop may end up in the hands of one of the most needy children in the Western Hemisphere. The school where the laptop will be sent is run by Susie Scott Krabacher, who has been the Mother Theresa of Haiti for 15 years. In fact, a major motion picture is being made about her life right now, based upon her autobiography.

You could really help by agreeing to sell us your laptop. We’ve only got ten days to get the laptops to Miami, as we’re leaving for Haiti on Feb 17th.

To see the kids that will get them, watch this video, which we shot last month.

* Susie’s organization
(click slideshow to see the conditions)

* An article by Susie from our newsletter.

One way or another, we’ll be in Haiti in ten days. Please help us bring more laptops. Please pass the word, and if you have a laptop to sell, click contact on the Waveplace site.

Thank you!

Tim Falconer
Waveplace Foundation

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