(written by Dionne Wells, GBS principal, from newsletter)

First let me begin by thanking Timothy Falconer and the Waveplace Foundation for having this grand vision. It is through their foresight that we are able to say today how successful this pilot program is going at Guy H. Benjamin Elementary School. I am proud to be associated with this endeavor and look forward to watching it grow from school to school and across the entire district.

When you walk onto Guy H. Benjamin School, you see fourth graders walking around the campus with green and white laptops in their hands. I have come into the cafeteria and seen students eating breakfast and working on their laptops. During lunch time when students should be running around and playing with their friends, on the picnic table they sit and work on their laptops. Students are lined up at my door in the morning to ask me how come only the 4th graders have the laptops and if they will get an opportunity to be in the program as well. It warms my heart to know that my students are eager to be involved in such a technological endeavor.

The Waveplace program has broadened the students understanding of computers and the art of computer programming. The exposure that they are receiving through this program will introduce them to computer related careers that could be used to market the Virgin Islands. They will also be able to share what they have learned with their families at home.

When I think about how big this program is I become overwhelmed and honored that my school has been chosen to be a part of this movement. I look forward to seeing where we will end up once this program is implemented across the district. Once again on behalf of the faculty and staff of Guy H. Benjamin Elementary School, I say thank you for this opportunity.

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