Last Wednesday, our public funding fell through, even though we were given a thumbs up the previous Friday. We ran out time and had to cancel our workshop trip.

Just as we were closing everything up with sadness in our hearts, some new possibilities emerged. A man named Ted Coine with experience fundraising in my old home of southwest Florida is very pro-OLPC. He thinks we can raise the money needed for the 8000 laptops by next year, and has offered booth space at two Naples fundraisers in November.

Even better, Bill Stelzer has agreed to donate his time to help Mary Burks teach her 4th graders Squeak, and film them while doing it. He’ll make a much smaller documentary, which we can use for fundraising.

While the will wasn’t there within the government, we’ve still got a chance with the true believers. Thank goodness for Bill and Mary and Ted. We might just pull this thing off anyway!

Somewhere along a distant shore a child walks with eyes that burn. She sees everything, from the mother dog and pup searching through garbage for food, to the tangle of fishing line in the sea grapes. She takes in the details, both beautiful and terrible. She braces through flood of feeling.

At home, she cannot speak of it. At school, she fears response. In her heart, there is a passion for the world. Her talent is on the edge of immeasurable.

Would that we could say to her, “Be true” … to tell her this flood might someday sustain her, become career.

We in the world are waiting for her wisdom. She needs only the path, and the courage, and the chance. This is a gift we can give.

We just went live with the public waveplace site, which among other things
has the pilot proposal and a preview movie created by Jan Kinder and Bill Stelzer.
I’ve also put the proposal on this wiki for easy reference.